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Expeditions. Cozumel, Mexico.


Expeditions Cozumel, offers a unique opportunity to visit Cozumel`s main aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, either snorkeling, scuba diving to explore the underwater world or, hiking, canoeing and bicycling on land and wetlands.


We are dedicated to provide quality time services above and beneath the sea, specialized in Terrestrial and Aquatic activates, browse on the menu at right to learn more about all of them.


The expeditions are fun, entretanig, full of adventure, culture and education while visiting marine parks, natural reserves, archaeological sites, coral reefs, jungle, wetlands and mangroves, natural refugies, on and all around the island.


Snorkeling & SCUBA Diving Activities for individuals and groups are listed.


Ecolological, cultural and mystical expeditions to Villa Maya are available on daily base. Villa Maya is a private natural reserve located in the center of the island.  It was initiated as a conservation project since 1992; focusing on the natural beauty of the island.


Overnight at the jungle, bird watching, hiking, canoeing and biking tours are available.


The expeditions allow a wide range of participants, especially those with a passion for outdoors activities. Reasonably good physical condition and an interest in learning about the tropical environments are important.


All expeditions are planned for a low environmental impact; restoration activities are encouraged. When we visit all natural environments on the island, we live the sites better than when we found them.


Accommodation available:        


- A Deluxe - Ocean front  condominium at Plamar or;




- Cabañas in the middle of the jungle at Villa Maya.











- Diving Packages

- Acommodations at Palmar Condominiums.

- Jungel Hike - Sightseeing Cozumel

- Temazcal 

- Villa Maya, Natural Reserve.

- Wetlands - Canoes


                         Don’t hesitate to contact us; we will be pleased to serve you in Cozumel!