This proposal is addressed to investors who are convinced about the need to preserve the natural resources and wish to participate directly in permanent actions to increase the ecological awareness and to entrepreneurs with social responsibility and natural, archeological and cultural vision.

Villa Maya is a private natural reserve devoted to:

1.- The conservation of the natural resources;
2.- Study of biodiversity;
3.- Research in science, hydrogeology, archaeology, sociology, anthropology;
4.- Provide to eco travelers an alternative on services and expeditions to all terrestrial environments;
5.- Open to the public to educate the participant in environmental and cultural sustainability, exploring the tropical forest, wetlands and shores.


Villa Maya is located 2 kilometers east - south - east of the archaeological site of San Gervasio, in the Island of Cozumel.


(1) Wildlife management; with the collaboration of the reserve staff, as well as, undergraduate students in their research and fieldwork studies.

It focus also on the development of (2) Environmental Education Programs, where together with local educational institutions, visits and camp-outs for children and youngsters are planned and developed.

Villa Maya includes (3) Eco-tourism activities for national and international visitors. Participant, penetrate the jungle throughout the trails installed along forest, the terrestrial eco-system includes the different vegetation communities associated, which greatly characterize the vegetation of the island as a whole, the tourist are able to identify some of the plants, that they were used by the ancient Maya culture, plus experimenting and briefly increasing their knowledge about the daily livings of the Mesoamerican culture who populated this vast region.

Activities such as hiking, camping, swimming, canoeing and cycling are included as part of the expeditions, visiting coastal environments such as mangroves and coastal dunes in the western beaches of the island.

The development of Cultural Tourism is focused mainly on the visiting the Mayan archaeological sites all around the island, as well as participate in cultural Mesoamerican ancient traditions, such as the Temazcal.

Villa Maya rules complies with the environmental policies of the Program for Territorial Ordering of Cozumel Island.

It encompasses 40 acres of land mainly composed of tropical dry forest, in which different vegetation associations are distinguished, such as, medium tropical dry forest, low tropical forest and wetlands, orchid’s area, cenote, Nacax palm (Coccotrinax readii) zone, bromeliads zone, secondary vegetation. It also includes the signal of the vegetation and the use that the Mayas gave to it, engraved in ceramic plates and placed at the base of some of the plants, helping the visitors to familiarize and identify the main plants and their uses. To observe a precise description of the site:

Villa Maya has different areas and services including: Parking space, access area, dining area, bathrooms, showers, cabins, hammocks, camping zone, meditation center, 5 kilometers of trails and the Temazcal.


Investment Proposal:

With the aim of continuing with the objectives of Villa Maya 20 acres, the south 2 lots of the reserve, are listed. The investor will have the option to invest in any project compatible with the Villa Maya´s objectives while at the same time, complying with the regulations set for by the Territorial Ordering of the Island of Cozumel.

The investor will also participate in the consult committee of the Natural Reserve and will receive a % of the utilities generated by its operation, as a result of the eco-touristic activities performed within Villa Maya.

A % of the money obtained from the operation of the south lot will be re-invested in Villa Maya, the actual facilities will be enhance and the installation of a greenhouse power with solar energy are planned.

Thank you for the time and interest granted, to learn more about this project do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.

Biól. Sergio Suárez De los Cobos.